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A Little Bit About Brissy Birds

Baby Birds

We breed a few different kinds of birds. But we mainly concentrate and hand raise ring necks, cockatiels, lorikeets and green cheeks.

We do not breed our birds for a living. We breed because we just love birds. We have many pet birds galahs, ring necks, lorikeets, budgies, cockatiels and the list goes on. There is always one of them or all of them talking, whistling or calling out. 

We hand raise our babies by spoon feeding them Tropicana baby mix. This allows more time for each baby bird to adjust to being handled. As they grow they spend more time out of their cages to play, explore, and be handled. When we are weaning them they are offered fresh fruit, veg, seed, millet and treats.

We try to keep our prices at competitive level, so more people can afford to experience the enjoyment of a hand raised bird.

We do not clip their wings until they have learnt to fly, and they have had time to build up the strength in their wing muscles. We feel that it is a better thing to clip a wing then have the bird fly out the door to become a meal for a larger predator. If they are going to live and play outside their cage, we do recommend that the wings be clipped for their own safety.

When we sell one of our babies you are welcome to sit have a coffee and a chat about the bird. When they leave us they go with love and a small starter pack.   

We also have a variety of bird cages toys and items for sale both through the website and on location.

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